thank you writes daniel laycock

16 December 2019


The Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Huntingdon, Daniel Laycock has expressed his delight after increasing the Green vote share following the recent General Election result. 

Daniel who was selected as the candidate to stand in the election has expressed his thanks to those who vote Green on 12th December. 

"I would like to thank the 2,223 voters who voted for me last week. This saw our vote increase and our vote share increase since 2017. This has been the best result for for the Greens here in Huntingdon since 2015.

We will continue with our work over the coming weeks, months and years to ensure we stand up and speak for those who do not have a voice and need Greens fighting for them on a wide range of issues"

The Green Party vote increased across the country since 2017 and Caroline Lucas was re-elected as the Green Party's MP for Brighton Pavillion. 

With this news Daniel said: "It's fantastic Caroline has been re-elected for Brighton Pavillion for the thrid time. I know Caroline will continue with her work for the residents of Brighton Pavillion and speak up on Climate Action and hold the Goverment to account.

This is the perfect time for anyone who voted Green in the election to join us. Your anger, passion and determination will help the party go from strength to strength. 

So you want to change things in your area, join us, join us now!"

If you would like to join the Green Party, join up here: 

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